Residential Clinical Services

The Residential Clinical Services Program provides individual, group, and family therapy for adults and children as well as strengths-based case management for the families who call Sheffield Place home.

Children's Clinical Services 

Children are the youngest victims of homelessness. They are at risk of additional traumatic experiences.  They often experience anxiety, depression or withdrawal. One in three has a major mental health disorder.  These are the children who accompany their mothers to Sheffield Place. 

Sheffield Place empowers every child to heal from their trauma through education, self-discovery, and family support.  

Program activities are therapeutic and developmentally-based. The children's and family therapists identify risk factors and  implement treatment plans for both children and mothers. Structured psycho-educational group activities take place four evenings each week and on Saturday mornings. Sheffield Place also provides developmental support, individual, family and group counseling, and family activities. The introduction of music, art, and animal-assisted therapies has expanded the multi-disciplinary approach to family treatment and recovery from trauma.

Adult Clinical Services

Through Adult Clinical Services, the therapists provide individual and group therapy designed to address the mental health and substance abuse issues of the mothers who live at Sheffield Place. Program activities include assessment, treatment planning and implementation, psycho-educational groups, substance abuse support groups, parenting education, and family therapy. 

Each mother at Sheffield Place participates in at least 10 hours of program services each week.  These services include an hour of individual therapy, an hour of case management, as well as group therapy and groups on such topics as women's and children's health, 12-Step, recovery, leadership, healthy eating, personal financial management, and employment skills, among others.

Adult Clinical Services empowers homeless mothers to heal from their trauma as they gain the skills they need to become self-sufficient. The strength-based therapy and trauma informed care increases their sense of self-worth and empowers them to make new choices in their lives.

Strengths-Based Case Management Services

Sheffield Place offers a place where homeless mothers and their children are safe today and where they can recover from homelessness and the severe, chronic, and continuous trauma of their lives. The Strengths-Based Case Management is a client-driven initiative that encourages personal freedom and responsibility.  

When a homeless mother and her children arrive at Sheffield Place, the Strengths-Based Case Management begins. A case manager measures the woman’s independent living skills and works with her to set goals focused on her family, education/employment, and health. Progress toward these goals is reviewed at each weekly case management session.