Children's Clinical Services

Children are the youngest victims of homelessness. They are at risk of additional traumatic experiences.  They often experience anxiety, depression or withdrawal. One in three has a major mental health disorder.  These are the children who accompany their mothers to Sheffield Place. 

Sheffield Place empowers every child to heal from their trauma. The Children’s Clinical Services program provides children with an opportunity for growth and development through education, self-discovery, and family support.  

Program activities are therapeutic and developmentally-based. The children's and family therapists identify risk factors and  implement treatment plans for both children and mothers. Structured psycho-educational group activities take place four evenings each week and on Saturday mornings. Sheffield Place also provides developmental support, individual, family and group counseling, and family activities. The introduction of music, art, and animal-assisted therapies has expanded the multi-disciplinary approach to family treatment and recovery from trauma.

Sheffield Place offers Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, and is one of the few agencies in Kansas City to have a fully equiped PCIT facilty.  Through PCIT, the therapist guides the mother in setting clear boundaries for the child's behavior and clear, logical consequences for acting outside the boundaries.  In this way, the mother gains skills in managing her children's behavior.

Sheffield Place became the first homeless shelter in the nation providing the top three evidence-based therapeutic interventions for traumatized children. (2007)

Sheffield Place is recognized as a national best practice for our work with traumatized, homeless children in the publication America’s Youngest Outcasts: A State Report Card on Child Homelessness. (2009)